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Complete reconditioning and servicing of all types of valves by:

  • Welding
  • Nickel & Hard Chrome Plating
  • Hydro-testing

Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves and all oilfield, – wellhead, – Pipeline and Process Control Valves

Van Der Horst Indonesia has developed unprecedented technology in the complete reconditioning of ball valves, repairing and servicing of various types of gate valves, globe valves and other process control valves (manual, hydraulic or pneumatic) used in the oil and chemical industries.

Penetrant Inspection

Penetrant Inspection

With years of experience, our Nickel and Chrome plating methods and processes has substantially solved problems of corroded engineering parts by providing high quality surface finish coating for better resistance to wear and protection against corrosion especially for parts which are used in corrosive environments. Pitted ball valves and seats can be salvaged and reconditioned by Nickel and hard chrome plating and restored back to original size.


Manufacturing Facility

Of particular value to customers, van Der Horst Indonesia has the facility and capability to manufacture vital parts, like ball valves etc. to manufacture’s specifications. With our largest CNC machine, we are capable of manufacturing ball valves of any size.

Gate and Globe Valve

Gate and Globe Valve lids, seat and seat rings, plugs and bodies and gasket surfaces which are damaged due to fluid erosions and corrosion can be reconditioned, rebuilt by special welding processes followed by machining, grinding and lapping to appropriate finish size. Valve stem bush seating journals are machined to standard size and the threaded areas are chased for proper operation.

Inspection and Testing

Van Der Horst Indonesia offers not only a through pre-inspection for valves to be reconditioned, followed by a consultative repair recommendation, but also strict QC Inspection upon completion of the reconditioning together with surface roughness check and hydro-testing to the required pressure including replacing of sealing rings, gaskets and packing etc.

Spares and consumables are sourced and made available to our clients when required. This makes PT. Van Der Horst Indonesia is the best choice for all of your valve‘s requirements.