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SSE Van Der Horst Indonesia had recently repaired and restored a bearing to its standard dimensions for a client. Due to corrosion and fretting the bearing movement can caused the bearing position to be off-centre and gave trouble to our client.

Repair Diverter

Diverter repair process

PT SSE Van Der Horst Indonesia especially took action with following steps :

  1. Pre Inspection and Cleaning
  2. Pre Metal Spray
  3. Final Metal Spray
  4. Line Bore Machining
  5. Polishing to Finish Dimension
  6. Final Inspection
  7. Packaging and Delivery



With fully equipped machine shop and surface restoration facility, our trained technicians at Tangerang are specially geared towards restoring equipment back to run. We are able to restore and repair all type of bearing set according to the standard size of the bearing holder with precise tolerance.