Metal Stitching

We are a specialist in the cold repair of cracked or broken-down industrial components, manufactured from cast iron, aluminum and steel by using the unique Metal Stitching Process.

This is a cold repair process that avoids the normal stress problems. Associated with welding and maintains the original alignment, which limits the need for post machining following the repair.

The stitch pin is corrosion resistant and can also increase the return of strength of a repair. Also available is the stainless steel stitch pins to enable repairs of components working at high temperatures to 5000C).

Why In-situ Machining Solutions for Metal Stitching?

  • Proven to be double the strength of other stitching methods in the market
  • Superior sealing properties
  • Experienced technicians

General application

  • All medium / heavy castings
  • Engine blocks
  • Pump casing
  • Gearboxes
  • Crankcases