Industrial Division

SSE-VDHI offers engineering services for the food processing factories, paper mills, packaging and printing industry , petrochemical plants, power stations, and the manufacturing industries at large. The reconditioning processes involve hard chromium plating, welding, machining, grinding, honing with each step executed with extreme precision to bring the components back to their original specifications and with enhanced wear and corrosion resistant properties.

Hydraulic Shafts and Cylinders

  • Straightening of shaft and hydraulic rods
  • Rebuilding by hard chrome plating
  • Porous plating for excessive wear or exposure to corrosive environment followed by hard chrome plating
  • Hydraulic cylinders can be hard chrome plated and then honed to original size


(Ball, Gate, Globe, Butterfly, Check, PSV – Class 150, 300, 600, 900) Complete re-conditioning and servicing of all types of valves by:

  • Welding
  • Hard chrome plating
  • Hydro-testing according to API-598


  • Reconditioning of all types industry rollers
  • Hard chrome plating for hardness and wear resistance
  • Grinding to accurate roundness, straightness and surface finish
  • Surface and super micro finishing
  • Reconditioning of bearing journals by hard chrome plating or metal spray process


  • Alignment check
  • Line boring on shaft housing
  • Hard chrome plating of pump shaft for wear resistance
  • Grinding pump shaft to accurate roundness, straightness and surface finish

Turbine Shafts and Screw Shafts

  • Alignment check
  • Hard chrome plating of screw shaft for wear resistance
  • Restore dimension of journal bearing and thrust bearing by selective and immersion plating finished by grinding

Screw Conveyor And Bowl Shell Assy

  • Rebuild or complete blade replacement
  • Realignment and replace of new bowl extention
  • Including dynamic balancing

Screw Compressor and Housing

  • Rebuild Bearing and housing journal by metal spray or hard chrome plating