What is DALIC Technology ?

DALIC is a technology for selective electro chemical metalizing, which achieved without immersion part. An anodic tool impregnated with the metalizingsolution is placed on the area to plate. Under the action of current, the metal is plated on the part.

Advantage of the process 

The DALIC process has numerous advantages :
  • Very Selective plating : only the exposed or damaged area is reated, with limited masking
  • Fast plating due to high current density : the downtime is reduced to minimum
  • Plating thickness is controlled and no further machining is generally required
  • Insitu application is possible with minimum dismounting
  • Environment friendly process due to small quantity of plating solutions
  • Cold plating process, therefore no stress
Applications of the process :
  • · Protection against atmospheric and galvanic corrosion.
  • · Rebuilding the part to its initial specs.
  • · Improving surface properties : antifriction, gliding,   hardness
  • · Improve resistance to abrasion, wear, erosion and   antisticking
  • · Improvement of electrical properties
  • · Repair of damages, scratches, holes.
3 Ways to the process :
  • Your technicians in your factory : set up of a DALIC plating equipment and training of your technicians
  • A DALIC team in your factory : our technician operate in-situ in your factory
  • Our technicians in your workshop : We operate on yours parts sent to our workshop