Dalic is a technology for selectiveelectro-chemical metalizing, which is achieved without immersion of the part.

An anodic tool impregnated with the metalizing solution is placed on the area to plate. Under the action    of current, the metal is  plated on the part.It is  the Dalic brush plating process, illustrated by  the following picture :

DALIC Plating Concept

  • Advantages of the process:

The DALIC process has numerous advantages:

  1. Very selective plating: only the exposed or damaged area is treated, with limited masking.
  2. Fast plating: due to high current density: the downtime is reduced to minimum.
  3. Plating thickness is controlled.
  4. In-situ application is possible with minimum dismounting.
  5. Environment friendly process due to small quantity of plating solutions.
  6. Cold plating process, therefore no stress for the base material.
  • Our main Treatment :
  1. Nickel (Dalinickle +, ALC3X, S, etc.
  2. Silver, gold, copper,
  3. Tin, indium, chrome
  4. Alloys (Nickel, Cobalt, Zinc-Nickel, etc.)
  5. LHE Cadmium, zinc
  6. CAA, SAA, Hard Anodizing on aluminum or titanium
  7. Panta (Surface Preparation before gluing
  • Dalic Plating Capability  :
  1. Repair Zinc Brush
  2. Andizing CAA/SAA no Aluminum with DALIC Stick
  3. Repair with silver and finish use nickle brush
  4. Nickle coating of various parts with DALIC brush
  5. Cadmium touchup with Dalistick & Silver touchup with Dalic Brush