ISO 9001:2015


Repair and Remanufacture


ISO 9001:2015


Repair and Remanufacture



The demand for quality and reliability for support services in the aerospace industry is of the highest level.

SSE-Van Der Horst Indonesia has succesfully completed the repairs of aircraft components for  MROS.

Dalic Stick technology is applied for resizing worn-out component in the aerospace companies such as BAe, CFM, Dessault, EADS, Emirates, Goodnich, KLM, Bell, Sikorsky for their aircrafts and helicopters.

Dalicstick an innovative, safe easy-do-it concept.

The Dalicstick concept is a major achievement in Surface Finishing. Developed by DALIC in France, the Pioneer of brush plating, it enables with the Dalistick Work-station, various selective electrochemical treatments without generating any leakage of electrolyte, thanks to solutions circulating in closed loop from the tool to the container. It is designed to achieve, on site, on the aircraft or in workshop, thin metallic layers and surface-finishing on steel substrates or light alloys.

It allows applicators to perform these treatments without any pre-masking and with a simplified surface preparation. The treatments can be achieved in any position, on curved, horizontal or vertical surfaces and edges. The small volumes of electrolytes are recycled in closed circuit without leakage. The Dalistick work-station is a practical and environment-friendly plating system.

DALIC : a wide range of application Dalistick can be used for production and for repair applications, fulfilling various protective, functional and also esthetical requirements:

  • Anti-corrosion on Aluminum alloys with CAA SAA anodizing.
  • Surface preparation before bonding on light alloys through anodizing.
  • Anti-corrosion of steel with zinc, zinc-nickel or LHE cadmium.
  • Electrical conductivity, preparation before soldering, with gold or silver.
  • Shielding preventing contact corrosion with tin alloys and zinc-nickel.
  • The quality achieved is equivalent or superior to that produced the traditional brush plating technique. In other words, it meets the toughest industrial & environmental specifications for selective surface finishing

Other brush plating requirement ?

There are various options to resize worn-out components :

Consider Nickel plating or hard anodizing Protect from galvanic and contact corrosion :

Consider Zinc-Plating Prepare aluminum before bonding :

Consider PAA with PANTA anodizing

These options have been included by Boeing in SRM 51.40.5 & 51.70.10, and by BAe in BAEP 7701 as repair procedures/guidelines for relevant AIRCRAFT parts
Alenia, BAe, CFM, Dassault, EADS, Emirates, Eurofighter, Goodrich, Hispano- Suiza, KLM, Lufthansa Technics, Qantas, Rolls-Royce, Sabena Technics, SAS, Snecma, Turbomeca, Tupolev, have approved or are using selective plating in their components restoration process
And similarly for HELICOPTERS :
The selective plating process is approved by Eurocopter, Westland, Agusta, Bell, Sikorsky.
Do not hesitate to submit us your requirements we’ll study them with the technical support of DALIC in France, pioneer of brush plating technology

Repair by Immersion Plating Technique


DALIC : time & money saving !

  • Stop buying new parts or spares
  • Increase life time of your equipments
  • Reduce downtime of a defective equipment

More Examples :

Perform CAA anodizing with Dalicstick for enhanced protection vs chromate :

CAA anodizing is recommended by Airbus in SRM 51.21.11 because it provides a protection superior to a chemical conversion coating by chromium plating.

Areas subject to corrosion should be therefore anodized with a CAA process. CAA anodizing is approved by Boeing in the specifications BAC 5849 and BAC 5019.

CAA anodizing is also approved by Airbus, Aernnova for Embraer, BAe, CASA, Dassault, EADS, Eurocopter, Sonaca. Dalistick which allows the application of these treatments on wing slats, rivets, airframe without any pre-masking and with a simplified preparation process.

CAA & SAA anodizing are approved by SAFRAN, by Goodrich & Liebherr among others or APU, hydraulic and power transmissions equipments.