Spare Parts

Supplying many kinds of spare parts for various sectors of industry, we are absolutely trusted by our customers.
Our concern is customer’s satisfaction. So there is no way we will supply you a second class spare parts.
Our relations are provider for premium goods, and they are already known over the world.

Gasket and Seal Ring

As a consumable spare parts, gasket and seal ring are need to be replaced properly and on schedule.
We are capable to support with a high quality gasket and seal ring to make sure our customer’s machinery system is reliable to run.

Stern Seal

With a realtively short life time, stern seal has to be replaced or repaired at least every 5 years in normal condition. Our product is under Europe standard. One of class society that classified the stern seal which we supply is TUV Nord. We are even capable to do the repair on site. It just take one call, and we will come to you right away.

Diesel Engine Components

Generating power is a critical thing for every industry. The components of Diesel Engine are extremely working hard, probably 24/7. This is what we have to always keep in our mind. Even on normal condition, the life time will be finish very fast. Probably 3-5 years. That’s why we provide for the components. Whatever your engine brand is, we will the right spare parts for you.