Line Boring

Van Der Horst Indonesia‘s in-situ engineering  team will come to your site

  • to  perform pre - inspection (dimension check, laser alignment, crack detection, etc).
  • to prepare jig and fixture or other special tools with special design follow the on site working condition
  • to do in situ line boring of the Engine Blocks, Pipe Adaptor, Machine Housing, Gear Box Housing, Bearing Positions, etc.

With the portable equipment our technicians travel to you to undertake precision line boring of damaged or miss-aligned bores with a wide range of our custom designed equipment.


Selective Plating


What is DALIC technology ?
DALIC is a technology for selective electro chemical metalizing, which achieved without immersion part. An anodic tool impregnated with the metalizingsolution is placed on the area to plate. Under the action of current, the metal is plated on the part.


Laser Alignment Measurment



PT SSE-Van Der Horst Indonesia uses Laser Alignment techniques to analyze, verify and rectify the alignment state of assembled components in mechanical rotating equipments.


Metal Stitching

We are a specialist in the cold repair of cracked or broken-down industrial components, manufactured from cast iron, aluminum and steel by using the unique Metal Stitching Process.

This is a cold repair process that avoids the normal stress problems. Associated with welding and maintains the original alignment, which limits the need for post machining following the repair.


Valve On Site Services

On site repair, testing and setting of Pressure Relief Valve (PSV)


PT SSE-Van Der Horst Indonesia comprising key elements of :

  • Manual Valve : API 6A, 6D, ANSI CLASS
  • Testing According to : API 598, API 6D
  • Control Valve : ANSI B16.104
  • Operating parameters accordance with ASME/ANSI 16.34 Standard