Printing Rolls Division

Paper Mills & Packaging Industry
Rollers are used in paper mills and packaging industry for various applications. Their extensive usage, often at high speed for conveying and processing various materials cause the rollers to diminish in their surface finishing quality and dimensions.

SSE-Van Der Horst Indonesia with it's proprietary chrome plating process and finishing skills restores these rollers back to their original functional condition, saving the owner very expensive replacement cost.
SSE-Van Der Horst Indonesia is also able to bring the plating process to year factory with our selective plating process. It saves the owner down time and costly dismantling and assembling time.

Printing Industry
Similarly in the printing industry, the demands on the rollers in the presses are  very exacting. The wear and tear to their surface dimensions and quality are mainly due to :

  • Various materials being processed which cause wear & contact corrosions
  • Corrosion from inks & cleaning chemicals
  • Very tough operating schedule causing under maintenance

Most printing presses have the following characteristics :

  • Uneasy access for repair
  • High value of the machines and presses

Hence any failure or down time are very costly. Our in situ plating & finishing processes minimize such downtime – we bring repair your equipment in your factory :


Printing Presses are expensive investment

Example of an onsite plating and finishing repair:

Tools, screws can fall and damage the cylinder while the printing press operates…

After reclamation of the plate cylinder of a Web Offset Machine of Mitsubishi