Oilfield Equipment



SSE-Van Der Horst Indonesia, a specialist in pressure control equipment restandardizing and certification to stringent API, MIGAS & ISO standards, is a service provider of choice in the industry in Indonesia.

As the most reputable oilfield to expertise and experience are unmatched in the country since 1995, over 2000 sets of BOPs (eg Shaffer, Cameron, Townsend, Rongseng, WOM), control units and related oil field equipment had passed through our workshop processes inspected, remanufactured, pressure tested and certified for our customer‘s deployments in all oil patches throughout the archipelago.


Marine & Power Plant Division

SSE - Van Der Horst's tradition and expertise have continued to enable its Marine Division to remain a major provider of reconditioning services to the maritime industry.

These expertise have also been extended to power generation in land based power plants  where diesel engines are being used to generate electricity.

SSE - Van Der Horst by deploying the state-of-the-art hard chrome plating processes and surface finishing technologies has established a reputation for its outstanding capability in reconditioning cylinder liners, crankshafts and piston crowns.



Printing Rolls Division

Paper Mills & Packaging Industry
Rollers are used in paper mills and packaging industry for various applications. Their extensive usage, often at high speed for conveying and processing various materials cause the rollers to diminish in their surface finishing quality and dimensions.



SSE-VDHI offers engineering services for the food processing factories, paper mills, packaging and printing industry , petrochemical plants, power stations, and the manufacturing industries at large. The reconditioning processes involve hard chromium plating, welding, machining, grinding, honing with each step executed with extreme precision to bring the components back to their original specifications and with enhanced wear and corrosion resistant properties.



SSE-Van Der Horst Indonesia is a pioneer in the reconditioning of liners, crankshaft and con rods for the locomotive diesel powered engines.

In recent times it's expertise had been extended to repair, resizing and life extenson of the wheel-sets using the DALIC technology



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