History Of Van Der Horst



Horst, Hendrik van der.

Director of the engieneering firm N.V Lemet Chromium in Hilversum. Born on 18 april 1891 in Nieuwer-Amstel. Son Of Johannes Martinus Van Der Horst, manufacturer, and Louise Hermina Heerma. Married to Catharina Rambonnet, born 10 Februari 1892 in Velp. They had three children: Johannes Martinus, birn 21 september 1918; Kuno Lodewijk, born 24 March 1920 and Resemariejntje, born on 19 february 1925.

From 1920 to 1908 Van der Horst sailed as Apprentice Mate (Steerman) on sailing ship. This way followed by a year studying at nautical college, He took his final exams in 1910 and went on to qualify between 1910 and 1914 for 4th, 3rd and 2nd officeer respectively at rotterdamsche Lloyd. During the mobilisation (First World War) he served in the Dutch navy as a commander on small vessels.

After demobilisation he went into business. He became co-director in his brother's company, N.V van der Horst & de Heus (of which the letter withdrew from the company in 1930). At the same time Van der Horst established a factory manufacturing bicycle parts; this has since operating, although Van der Horst no longer has any interensts in the company.

Van der Horst went on numerous business trips to America, England, Scandinavia and Germany, where he visited engineering works and shipping companies. He wrote a number of articles in technical journals on the process  of chrome hardening of cylinder, which was invented by the N.V Lemet Chromium engineering company. Van der Horst's articles were very favourably review in De Auto, the Motor Ship, the Oil Engine, Automobile Engineer, Commercial Motor and shipbuiding and Shipping Record.

Sailing continued to be one of his favourite hobbies; in his younger years he took part in many sailing competitions and won severa medals. In his remaining spare time he was also a keen swimmer and equstrian.

Alexanderlaan22, Hilversum.

In 1905 the Hugo Molenaar was sold to G. van Wieringen in Rotterdam and brought under the auspices of the Maatschappij Zeilschip Emanuel company. The ship was renamed the Emanuel. This Photograph of the crew was taken on 25 June 1906 at Port Blakely near Seattle on the Americe western seabord, by well know America marine photographer Wilhelm Hester. At center front wearing a straw hat is captain bos from Delfzijl, nicknamed the Sniffer because of his habit of sniffing loudly. The tall boy at the back (second from the right) is the fiftteen-year-old Henk van der Horst from Hilversum. His father had chorome plating company in Hilversum, where Henk's works consisted of polishing chrome. After a blazing row with his father about this work, Henk ran a way to sea and decided to choose his own path in life. During the Second World War, Van der Horst invented a method for chrome plating the cylinders of steam engines which considerably increased the lifespan of steam ship engine. This invention brought him fame and prosperity, and he was even awarded an honorary doctorate at an America university, so he continued his life under the title 'Doctor' H. van der Horst.  (National Maritime Museum San Francisco)