BOP Spareparts

PT SSE-Van Der Horst Indonesia has a line of products to supplement our workshop ‘s remanufacturing of pressure control equipment for the oil and gas industry  especially for the Annular type & RAM type  blowout preventers :



  • Replacement Packing Elements to fit all Annular/Spherical Blowout Preventers ranging in size 7-1/16" to 21-1/4".
  • Complete line of replacment seal kits to complement  the Packing Elements.

Additional product includes Ram Rubbers for Standard Pipe Ram, Variable Bore Ram (VBR) and shear Blind Ram (SBR) for most Blowout Preventers.






Large Inventory of Ram Blocks:

  • Standard Pipe Ram Block
  • Variable Bore Ram Block (VBR)
  • Shear Blind Ram Block (SBR)

All Ram Blocks will come complete with MPI & Hardness Report





We Have an entire line of RAM TYPE replacement parts:

  • Complete Seal Kits
  • Bonnet/Door Seals
  • Ram charge Pistons/Sylinders
  • Operating Pistons/Sylinders
  • Various Metal Components

We take pride in the fact that we supply Blowout Preventer Replacement Parts for both RUBBER PRODUCTS and METAL COMPONENTS




Adapter Spools, Spacer Spools, Drilling Spools, Riser and Diverter Spools in accordance with API 16A requirments. Each spool can be specially mancufactured to meet hight requirment needs, number of outlets and orientation. All spools can be fabricated with hub or flange connections.

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1)      Bladders

2)      Ram Packers

3)      Top Seals

4)      Repair Kits for Pulsation Dampeners

5)      VBR Ram Packers

6)      Spherical Packing Elemts & Seal Kits

7)      Ram Block Assemblies

8)      Ring Gaskets