VDHI Aerospace



The demand for quality and reliability for support services in the aerospace industry is of the highest level.

SSE-Van Der Horst Indonesia has succesfully completed the repairs of aircraft components for  MROS.

Dalic Stick technology is applied for resizing worn-out component in the aerospace companies such as BAe, CFM, Dessault, EADS, Emirates, Goodnich, KLM, Bell, Sikorsky for their aircrafts and helicopters.

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Valves Recondition

Van Der Horst Indonesia has the experience & proven capability in the reconditioning of valves of most brands and designs.

Its process includes:

  • Complete servicing and reconditioning of all types and makes of ball and gate valves which include: complete dismantling, grit blasting and inspection, including 100% MPI.
  • Rebuilding of worn sealing surfaces of the body and bonnet by welding.
  • Rebuilding of Actuator parts e.g. piston rods and cylinders by hard chrome plating.
  • Changing of all replacement parts, e.g. seats, o ring, etc,
  • Reassembling, testing and painting.

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Our facility is fully  equipped with the skills and equipments to test , verify , rectify and certify all brands of control units for use in the oil and gas industry

Manifold without Bleeder Valve

Isolation with out Bleeder Valve

a. Bleed down Control System

b. Check precharge

c. Close Isolation Valve

d. Pressure up Unit

e. Recheck precharge

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