Our facility is fully  equipped with the skills and equipments to test , verify , rectify and certify all brands of control units for use in the oil and gas industry

Manifold without Bleeder Valve

Isolation with out Bleeder Valve

a. Bleed down Control System

b. Check precharge

c. Close Isolation Valve

d. Pressure up Unit

e. Recheck precharge

Isolation with Bleeder Valve Isolation

a. Check gauges

b. Close Isolation Valve

c. Open Bleeder Valve

d. Recheck gauges

Control System Inspection

a. External Leaks

b. Loose or Damaged Components

c. Gauges 

Reservoir Fluid 

a. Fluid Level

b. Fluid Inspected for Contamination

c. Check Inside of Reservoir Tank  for Leaks from Inspection Ports 

Maintenance Check List

a. Fluid Level Checks

b. Visual Inspections 

21 Day Checks IAW API RP 53

a. Cleaning

b. Fluid Levels

c. Adjustments

Air Filter and Lubricator

a. Drain filter

b. Use SAE 10 lubricating oil

c. 1 to 2 Drops per minute

Triplex Pump

 Oil Level (SAE 30W) Engine Oil


a. Pressure Kills

b. Clean all types “Y and “T”

Nitrogen Precharge

1000 PSI  (+/- 100 PSI), Nitrogen Only

Air/Triplex Pump Packing

a. Glands eliminate leaking

b. Fine oily film

Triplex Chain/Belt

a. Check Chain/ Belt Tension

b. Check Chain Oil

c. Fill Only to Spill Plug (SAE 40W) Engine Oil

Remote Stations

a. Function Test All Remotes

b. Check Gauges

c. Clean Filter

d. Fill Lubricator

Pressure Switches

a. Air Pressure Switch Cut Off 2600-2800 Cut In 2200-2400

b. Electric Pressure Switch Cut Off 3000-3100